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Dragon Nest Tips to make you Pro and Rich

Dragon Nest Tips to make you Pro and Rich

This is the list of essential things you'd want to do between being a low level to be fairly (or very) strong and rich when you finally reach that max level.

1. Obtain the "Tenacious" Title!

+25 Str, +25 Agi, +23 Int, +20 Vit, +40 Phys Atk, + 40 Magic Atk, +5 Final Atk
-This is easily the strongest title you can gain with very little effort, and it's easier to obtain while you're still a low level.
So how do you obtain it? You must collect a series of 8 titles to complete the requirement for Tenacious (seen on page 10 of your Collection Book).

The easiest way is to obtain them in this order (this follows your path as you level up and progress through the game) :

 a. Gosikigya Defeated

 Able to complete at : Lv8
 Quest : (Lv8) From Goblin Pappy found outside of Prairie Village. (Must finish prerequisite quests from him  first.)
 He gives you a quest to rescue his son Gosikigya at Ancient Temple - Site (lv8-9).
 -Instead of rescuing his son, as soon as you find him, left click to attack him, then finish him off before the  monsters do.
 If you killed him successfully, this title will appear on your screen.
 *If you have completed this quest already you can find someone who has it as well.

b. Killed by Hounds
Able to complete at : Lv9
Location : Maroda Valley (lv9-10) (with the hooker elves on the picture)
When you get to the third zone on this map there's a huge bridge.
After killing all the monsters on one side a cutscene will play with hounds running down the bridge.
-Just stand tight and let the hounds pee all over you until you die. You will receive the title upon death.

c. Stoned to Death
 Able to complete at : Lv12
 Location : Sanctuary - Forest (lv12-14) (North of Cadillac, picture of a gargoyle)
 *Note : If you're a high level already, this WILL take some time; make sure you lose a ton of hp  before hand.
 At the end of a map you'll be in a hall with a few blue goblins and orcs. kill everyone EXCEPT for the blue  goblins.
 -Run from the blue goblins or harass them a bit to get them to throw rocks at you. Once dead by a rock  you will receive this title.
 (These goblins have terrible aim so if you aren't starting out prepare to sit there for awhile.)
 *Additional Note : You might not get the title the first time. the game's gay like that :|

d. Afraid of Cattle
  Able to complete at : Lv14
  Location : Sleeper's (Eruku) Temple (lv14-15). (North of Cadillac to the left)
 -When you reach the boss, let him mow you down. Upon death you will receive this title.

e. Troll Balls
 Able to complete at : Lv14(or 9; this map is bugged to let in lower levels early)
 Location : Maroda Mountain (lv14-15) (Picture of a blue goblin-rat thing)
 On the second map you'll find a troll if you go left or right (big blue thing that looks like jennifer aniston)
 -Just sit around while the troll bowls you down. Upon death you'll achieve this title.

f. Tread on Rocks
 Able to complete at : Lv22(or 16. again this map is bugged.)
 Location : No Return (lv22-24) (aka Do not go back that way! It's on the other side of maroda.)
 -Get molested by the boss. You'll get this title on death.

g. In the Dead Hound
Able to complete at : Lv22(or 16. bugged~)
Location : Sanctuary - Heart (lv22-24) (one above the gargoyle one, has a shadow for the picture.)
Keep progressing until you find some angry armored hounds in a room scattered with spike traps.
-Clear the room except for armored hounds, and die to them in a corner or something. Title on Death.

h. Defeated by the Orc King
 Able to complete at : Lv22
 Quest : (Lv22) From Warrior Master Chandler in Cadillac.
 Showdown with the Orc King in Sleeper's (Eruku) Temple - Altar (Lv22-24).
 *Note : This guy is more afraid of you so lose a lot of hp beforehand (especially if you're high  leveled)
 -Once you get to the cutscene of the Orc with USI, Stand around and let him beat you down. You'll get this  title upon death.
 *If you have completed this quest already you can find someone who has it as well.

And that's all there is to it. a very nice title at the cost of beating up a little kid and dying in weird situations! :|

2.Conserve your dailys!
 Level 10, You can do circus runs. No Tickets needed!
 Level 15, you will receive 2 Dark Lair Tickets every day when you talk to the warehouse priestess in the  Dark Lair.

 Anyways these are your daily passes. What's so important about them?
 Circuss : They're meant for some quick exp and vouchers to get your beloved NPCs some goods.
 Dark Lair Tickets : For doing runs when you need more EXP or Gold.

 You might be worried about limited room, but that's where your Mailbox comes into play :
 Whenever you get your daily, it's sent to your mail. Mail lasts 30 days, so just leave them in there and pull  out when you're ready to use.
 so 30 days of Dark Lair tickets = 60.
 You're most likely never going to do more than 4 dark lair, especially at max level ;w.

3.Save your Dimension Keys!
 At some point you're going to kill a boss and get a key and you're going to be all like omg a key! ..then later  on you're going to see that key sells for 1g and be like omg 1g!
 Well just avoid temptation and hold onto that key. If anything, your warehouse is best suited for stocking  keys.

 -These give you dimension pieces from the abyss bunny whenever you do abyss mode, and sometimes if a  white bunny appears you can obtain yourself a nice premium plate.
 -Dimension pieces = a lot of gold. High amount of keys = very good chance of making even more gold  and/or catching yourself some godliness in the form of plates.
 -Use the Keys in lv40+ Abyss runs for 20+ dimension pieces. Makes you a lot of gold!

  If you have an apprentice level 16-23, spam Lv22 Manticore Run!

 You get a ton of gold from minibosses and the end boss, and you get 3 KEYS from the rabbit at the end, PLUS 38 dimension pieces!

4.Able to leave your computer on? Fish!

 Fishing is a very big moneymaker based on two things :
 1. Have the ability to leave your computer on while you sleep or whenever you're too busy to be at the  computer
 2. Two Full Inventory Spaces

 One empty inventory is only equal to about 4-6hrs of afk fishing (more if you're unlucky and keep failing)
 Two is equal to 8-12hrs of fishing.

 Number 1 is something many people can manage, 2 on the other hand..
 We're screwed by the devs on space. Yeah 1 inventory ouch too little space :| Well as of this update you  earn 5 storage 5 bag slots (yay update!)
 If we're lucky 2nd advancement gives more space too.
 Your other option for space is :
 Wait for events. They happen often, and Nexon is very generous about giving free space! So you won't  need to fear for too long :]

5.Make love to your NPCs..!

 One of the most important thing many people neglect is. their. NPCs. It stresses me out :| Still does!

 And with this new NPC System, all the NPCS are a part of one of three coalitions :

 Golden Goose - Merchant's guild. Get the liking of these NPCs for great discounts!

 Cassius Court - Royal Court. These NPCs will help you improve your equipment!

 Free Venturers - Adventurer's Guild. These guys will improve your life system skills!

 You can also get very nice equipment from them. So how does one go about pleasing these NPCs?

 Keep the gifts from the dungeons you do! Press Y and check whatever an NPC wants, and provide! some  NPCs chain liking for others.

 Other important thing for leveling your NPCs :

 Save your Vouchers from Circus Runs! DO THEM ALL!! and don't buy gifts for 16 tickets :|

 Instead, buy [Frederick's Gift Bag] for 20 tickets each! You can get up to 4 gifts in one bag, averaging 1-4,  but more often than not 2+ in one go. This is fast for racking up liking on your NPCs.
 Abyss provides you with the most gift drop. More people in the party further increases drop rate.
6.Stockpile Dimension Pieces!
 From Fishing and doing abyss runs you'll end up with Dimension Pieces and Nightmare Crystals.
 -Dimension Pieces are worth saving, whether for getting premium plates from the scholar or to npc for gold.
 -Nightmare Crystals are of some good profit, but drop very little from fishing. Dark Lair gives no large sum  anymore.
 So why hold onto them?
 -If you're planning on getting the premium discount from Golden Goose, it's best to hold onto them for the  15% gold.
 Otherwise you can trade em in for a gamble at a good plate!

7.Disassemble Stuff!
 When you start getting Level 40+ B-Rank and A-Rank garbage equips, scrap them!
  -Enhance em to +4-6 or so first, then shove them in the machine and break. You'll get some crap but they    sell for a bit on the market!

8.Level 30+? Apprentice a lowbie, do abyss runs!!
 Doing abyss runs as a master - apprentice guarantees you a dimension key from the bunny every time until  St. haven.
 This provides a profit for both sides, and can definitely build up money fast (party with other people to save  ftg too if you want).

 The best things you can do with an apprentice :

 Apprentice Lv16-23 :
 Lv22 Manticore Dungeon runs. approx. 10-40g a run!

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Dragon Nest how to level fast 24 - 32

Welcome to Saint Heaven
Many of you will be on a rush to reach level 32 once the Saint Heaven patch is out. Which one of you (new players) can resist the temptation of those new skills? So now I am here to give you some tips and information on how you can level fast. Do note that certain part of this post is based on experience in DN TW/CN. Let’s cut the crap and proceed

2 things that you can do before the patch is out
  • Leave some side quests completed but don’t talk to the NPC yet. This is provided if you did not clear all the side quests as of now. Once the patch is out, finish all the conversation and gain the initial exp. If the quest exp is negligible, you can just simply ignore it.
  • Same as above but based on Guild Commission Board. Do Raider Ambush Point, Road of No Return, Churn Ruin, DMTI(spider), etc but don’t talk to the Board yet. If you are farming Sanctuary Core for instance, you can just complete the quest repeatedly but if you are going to stop running dungeons. Remember to leave the quest there. This technique is faster because you just have to talk to one NPC and you can complete several quest in one shot.
Now, let’s start with some information on Saint Heaven.

This is the map of Saint Heaven. Once you reach here, you will be able to get the quests available in the map. However, please take note of the area circled in red by me. Both green portals are entrances to a castle. There will be quests for you to collect as well. The north and south portals are exits to go to dungeons, similar to that of Calderock. The right side portal is the one for Wonderful Theme Park.
Assuming you did the 2 methods of what I mentioned earlier, you should already have a rough headstart. After collecting all the quests, you will be required to do the lv 24 dungeons. There will be 2 of them. Normally, people will farm Dark Ore Mountains (one of the lv 24 dungeons) for NPC gifts to the blacksmith to lower repair/enhancement fee.

[Technique 1]
Now you need to try to reach lv26 first. As to whether completing quests or spam dungeons is faster, I don’t know but it wouldn’t take long since it is just 2 levels. The reason for lv26 is because of the requirement to take the commission board quest for the dungeon called Lone Island/Islet.

You will reach here when you exit through the south portal of Saint Heaven. The Lone Island/Islet entrance is at the bottom left of the picture above. This dungeon is just like DMTI, but the higher level version of it.
Reasons why Lone Island/Islet is good
  • The map doesnt require you to go through portals like going through 1st stage, 2nd stage, etc. Saves time.
  • Mobs are relatively easy. No skeletons that fall to the ground or ghouls. There are mobs that set traps but they are rather easy to notice and kill. But there are cannons in certain areas. Just finish them off fast and then proceed to the mobs. Or lure the mobs out of the cannon shooting area.
  • Time required to clear is quite fast. Spamming this and completing commission board quests will be good.
In one part of the dungeon, you will see a cave on the right side.

There will be a spider queen inside. If you don’t care about the exp and you want to clear the dungeon asap, you can ignore it and proceed on without affecting the dungeon completion. There will also be another cave after this on the right side as well with a treasure chest and some Man-eater Plants inside. You can clear them for extra exp.

[Technique 2]
If you think killing the goblins are boring in the Wonderful Theme Park, you may change your mind here. Now, they are a great source of exp for you. Each round gives you about 8-11% of your exp bar depending on what level you are. So on 15th Oct (Saturday) when you are able to do the Wonderful Theme Park, DO NOT do the Goblin Village. After level cap is released on 18th Oct (Tuesday), you will be able to make use of it to level up. As to which level to use them, I forgot already. But the optimal % to get each round is 10%-11%. Since you can spam dungeons, these few % will not be significant. If you need a quick boost from lv25 or 26 to do Technique 1, you can make use of this Goblin Village.

[Additional Info]
Another piece of information is a lv30 dungeon called the Dark Overlord’s Drill Ground. This dungeon takes a very long time to complete because the map is big and there are really many mobs inside. This can be your item farming ground due to the large number of mobs inside. Maybe normal agates will drop more in this dungeon?

To reach the entrance of Dark Overlord’s Drill Ground. Simply take the north exit portal of Saint Heaven. And then turn left. Go for the right portal. The left portal is the entrance to the Cerberus Nest. If you solo this dungeon in abyss mode, the final ending exp is 200+k!!! (If I did not remember wrongly, But it is definitely alot) Maybe you guys can party up with a total of 4 people to clear faster and complete it on Master/Abyss difficulty. I believe the commission board gives a lot of exp too.

[Technique 3]
If you want to solo this dungeon in abyss difficulty even with lousy gears, you can do so when you reach the lv30 story quests. The NPC Geraint will follow you and help you to attack in the dungeon. Normally, he will kill the mobs in one or two hits. But sometimes you need to attack the monsters to prevent them from attacking Geraint too much because Geraint will be blocking the whole time from the attacks. Do note that Geraint will not die at all. However, sometimes he may get stucked in a few places so you will need to lure the mobs to Geraint or clear some mobs.

Here’s a video:

Note: You will see a black portal at 1:14 of the video. It will turn red when the boss dies. Please do not enter if you wish to keep using Geraint to help you. FInishing the quest inside will make you say goodbye to your invincible partner. After exiting from the dungeon before that portal, abandon your story quest. Go back to the NPC and get the same story quest again. Geraint is ready to accompany you again. PRO equip players please ignore.

Here’s a final tip. If you do Wonderful Theme Park (WTP) in Saint Heaven and if I’m not wrong, the coupon that you get as a reward is different. You will get the coupon with (Saint Heaven) beside the name. You can use Coupon (Saint Heaven) to purchase Coupon (Calderock). This is a 1 to 1 exchange. But not the other way round. So the safest way is to do WTP in Saint Heaven. The reason why you need to change to Calderock version is because maybe you want to buy gifts for certain NPCs which requires Calderock version.

Now, you will probably wondering whether to exchange those coupons for level 32 codes or NPC gifts. In my own opinion, in this initial stage, level 32 codes may go to quite a high price due to keen players who want to get good codes on their level 32b equips, not considering those who wish to stay with elf queen/ancient set. So those codes may sell well if you need money. If not, you can just buy gifts for certain NPC benefits or Association points to purchase the respective faction equips that you want.

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Dragon Nest Class & Skills Build Guide


     a. Swordsman
         Melee type
         Magic type

     b. Mercenary
         Hammer build
         Axe build 


     a. Acrobat

     b. Bow master


     a. Priest

     b. Paladin


     a. Force user

     b. Elemental lord